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And it’s about to return

You are hiking in the New River Gorge when the sky suddenly darkens and thunder booms overhead. You race into an old coal mine for shelter. Lightning cracks just yards away and the entrance caves in. You are trapped. Worse, you realize your shelter is not just a historic coal mine. You have accidentally stumbled into the lair of the mysterious Mothman. He will return at dark. You have one hour of daylight left to escape.


Fun Mothman Stuff

We love sharing West Virginia lore.  Very few stories are as famous as our very own Mothman.  The research we did to create this one-of-a-kind theme has all of us cluemasters, save one “ghostbuster”, as true believers. Too many good honest folks saw and experienced something! As Agent Mulder once said, “The truth is out there.”

Whether Mothman is real or a hoax or something in between, the possibility adds a little mystery to our world. And to our escape room!

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