Escape-A-Torium unleashes the power of teamwork in two different options, Escape for Team Development or a Private Escape Experience. If you’re looking for a non-escape team building experience see more about our sister company, Focus Intent, below.

Join us for an impactful team event that provides a significant return on investment. Shared experiences outside of the workspace are proven to increase team bonding, support healthy team dynamics, and are just plan memorable and fun. Time well spent giving your team the attention they deserve.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard

OPTION 1: Escape For Team Development
Provided in partnership with our sister company Focus Intent.

Challenge the Team to an Escape for Team Development, a live escape game adventure! Be brave and decisive. Listen to each other. Value individual talent. Act as a team. These well known qualities of a highly effective team also happen to be what it takes to survive an Escape-a-torium escape game challenge. The 2.5-hour Escape For Team Development workshop combines a fast paced professional development workshop with an engaging escape room challenge. Bond your organization’s team and develop individual capacities. Laugh and make mistakes. Sweat under the clock. Enjoy the triumphs. You’ll be better for it AND have a great time. Contact form of interest

OPTION 2: Private Escape Experience

Book A Private Escape Experience. We know scheduling your team for an event can be a challenge. Contact us for an escape adventure time that meets your logistical needs. We can offer one private adventure for up to eight to a whole facility private adventure for up to 24 plus.

Contact us to learn more.


focus intent team building and facilitation logoWorking together.  The challenge and the reward.  Our sister company Focus Intent provides interactive workshops and group facilitation to improve the performance of organizations and communities like yours. We help you build effective an effective team with expertise on staff development, project & strategic planning, board development, workshops and meeting facilitation. Visit to learn more.