Test Your Ingenuity In Our Escape Rooms

Welcome to Escape-A-Torium, West Virginia’s Premier Escape Room Experience!

Expect to be warmly welcomed by one of our cluemasters. We will get you oriented to the facilities, point out the bathrooms and lockers, have you sign waivers and address any unpaid balances. We will challenge you to become familiar with the lock wall and then guide you to our adventure briefing room. 

These West Virginia escape rooms are 60-minute indoor group adventures that challenge you to complete a mission, complete an important task, or “escape” the room.

Each adventure has been created as a specific theme, almost like a “movie set” designed to immerse you in the experience. For example, The Secret Bunker theme takes place in a Cold-War-Era Bunker. So, we did the best we could to simulate a bunker setting with this escape room.

Once the door closes your timer starts. Your team will have to solve challenges and complete tasks to reveal challenge solutions. Some may only require one person’s “bright idea” others may require the whole team’s participation. Each success moves you closer to the final challenge. Remember…success is never guaranteed. Many teams have ended with a sigh of “we were so close” only to come back another day for the win!

Check out our escape rooms below to find which one is in your wheelhouse!

crossed guns - feud escape room
white secret bunker title image overlay
cleaver and words scarebnb
crossed guns - feud escape room
white secret bunker title image overlay
cleaver and words scarebnb

The door closes and the adventure begins! 

Your cluemaster starts the clock and you are off.  Treat your adventure like a scavenger hunt to begin with…you have permission to look in, look under, fully explore the theme space.  Did you find something interesting? You better share that information with your team. Only through good communication, problem solving, and teamwork will you be successful.  Your cluemaster will be watching via cameras and microphones. They will offer your team hints and clues along the way. They are your biggest fans and hope for your success. But they cannot guarantee your success.

Once your cluemaster completes your briefing they will present  you details on your specific adventure and story line. After questions you will be guided through your adventure entrance.  The door closes, the clock starts and your escape room adventure begins!

Remember…the door is locked by illusion only.  You are never locked in and can step out as you desire.



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