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You’ve been called in to help, but are you in over your head?

Business, as they say, is not booming. Not one guest has lasted the night at your client’s new Airbnb. That’s why they called in you, Mountain State Paranormal Investigations, the big guns, to get to get to the bottom of why. You’ve seen some weird stuff in your time, but what the guests say they are experiencing seems beyond strange. Are the guests stretching the truth? Is the home really haunted? Only your wit and investigative experience can uncover the truth.

The Mad Butcher terrorized Fayette County in the 1960’s

In the early 1960’s, fear of a serial caller called the Mad Butcher, gripped Fayette County, West Virginia. Several people went missing during a three year period and some of whose remains were found in disturbing ways, such as a canvas-wrapped torso and body parts strewn on the slopes of Gauley Mountain. As the murder tally grew, so did the rumors, attributing the deeds to everything from a psychotic scientist to a Jekyll and Hyde villain prone to psychotic, murderous binges. The deeper you dig into the mystery, the harder it is to unravel truth from fiction.

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