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Grab that McCoy family heirloom before Devil Anse and the boys get back.

The Feud Escape Room – You’re the McCoy Clan, half of a blood feud with the Hatfields. It’s 1888 and you’re stealin’ across the Tug River into West Virginia to take back the family heirloom stolen from your sweet, innocent Roseanna by that no-good womanizer Johnse Hatfield. You just watched from the cover of a dense thicket of brambles as the last lowdown Hatfield left the cabin for at least one hour. Now’s your chance to turn that cabin upside down and find that McCoy family heirloom. Just make sure you get out before the Hatfields return.

Think You Know About The Hatfield And McCoy Feud?
Guess again.

As legend has it, two neighboring families in the backwoods of Appalachia waged a crude and bloody war against each other over a stolen hog, an illicit romance, and longstanding grudges. Yet the events that took place near the end of the 19th century between the Hatfields and McCoys are part of a much richer and more complex narrative of the American experience. PBS American Experience

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