Welcome back, Escape-A-Torium fans!

The Dog Days of Summer are here and it’s time to take advantage of the sunny, carefree days we have left! But before it’s time to go back to the classroom, we’re offering a special on our escape adventures to kick off the new school year.

From August 19-20th, use the code BACK2SCHOOL for 10% off your escape adventures.

As we gear up for the fall, our team is reflecting on things we learned and enjoyed over the summer break, too, specifically the debut NASA’s James Webb Telescope’s mind-blowing photographs of the universe.

As the world’s largest and most powerful space telescope, the vessel began its flight on Christmas Day 2021. In late July, NASA released the first images, which you can check out here!

The term “lightspeed” is quite literal, and Webb has the technology to see and capture light and objects throughout the universe, which scientists and astronomers interpret in search of answers about the beginning of time. As the telescope continues its endless flight into the mysteries of the universe, new discoveries are made about the cosmos.

It’s a nice reminder that adventure is everywhere. Take some time to look around this August!

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The Escape-A-Torium Gang

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