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Are you up for a new adventure? We thought so.

Test your critical thinking and problem solving skills as you travel through all three of our Escape-A-Torium adventures.

The Secret Bunker

The Cold War may have ended three decades ago, but there are plenty of secrets to be unearthed in our Secret Bunker escape adventure. Themed after a declassified West Virginia bunker, you can travel through each room — and through spaces seemingly frozen in time — as you try to find the clues needed to seal the bunker. Race against the clock to find them all… before it’s too late.

The Feud

Get immersed in one of West Virginia’s most notorious family feuds as you, a McCoy, must sneak into the Hatfield cabin to retrieve a McCoy family heirloom that was given away by your cousin Roseanna. You’ll have one hour to search the cabin and find the precious item. Time is of the essence: If the Hatfields return before you find it, it’s game over.

Revenge of the Misfit Toys

Our longest-running escape adventure continues to thrill visitors of all ages as they journey through a century-old toy factory — er, what’s left of one. This eerie experience will keep you on your toes as you find clues in the break room and factory floor needed to assemble four toys before the end of your shift. Stay on your best behavior while you’re solving the mystery. The toys are watching.

Remember: Visitors of all ages are welcome to join in on the fun at Escape-A-Torium. Children under 15 must be supervised by an adult.

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